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Stoke Hill Mine, Midford Lane, Limpley Stoke, Nr Bath BA2 7GP

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Introducing Bath Stone

Bath Stone Company was founded in 1980, and from its mine on the outskirts of Bath produces the award winning Bath Stone known as Stoke Ground Bath Stone.

Stoke ground Bath Stone is an oolitic limestone formed in the middle Jurassic period some 135 million years ago.

The stone is a beautiful creamy, beige colour which mellows with age. Whilst its perception may be of softness, it is highly durable, as the Roman and Georgian city of Bath can testify to.

When sourcing the replacement stone for the magnificent tracery windows in St Georges Hall, Windsor Castle post fire 1992, Donald Insall architects specified Stoke Ground Bath Stone saying that it possessed the qualities and properties of durability, such that a monument of this calibre required.

Stoke Ground is extensively used throughout the UK and beyond in both new build and restoration projects, and regularly specified by the royal household, English Heritage and The National Trust.

Two Beds of Stoke Ground are produced: Top Bed and Base Bed, each with different colour, properties and uses.

  • Combe Park Almshouses, Bath
  • Fireplace private residence
  • Thermae Bath Spa, Bath